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Purple, Pink Kush And Headband

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Posted 19 February 2015 - 09:43 PM

I am considering registering with this lp as my sole provider since they have the three strains i rely on. After nothing but problems with all the other Lps does anyone have anything good to say about medreleaf and specifically the consistency and quality of those three strains
Update. I am loosing faith in them and have been waiting for a call back for two days now
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Posted 10 March 2015 - 06:54 PM

So I am thinking of signing up and I give these guys a call.

This company apparently wants the reputation of "elitist assholes".

When it comes to customer service they've got the worst customer representatives I've ever spoken to.


First, I had to leave a message to speak with anyone, and when they finally called back, I asked them how long they cure the strains for.

The response was a few days to a week.


I said for $12.50 a gram, you are really doing disrespect to patients when the product is cured for that short a period. 

It means the patient has to go through an extra process and wait an extra month or 2 for medicine produced properly.

They told me that they have the best process to produce cannabis and will likely not be changing anything.

I tried to explain that most other LPs age cannabis for at least a month.

With Tilray doing 2.

Its like wine.

It will be OK from this year, but its much better with age.


At this point I was hung up on. On purpose.


I even called back to confirm. 

That's when they told me my suggestions were better suited for an email.

I said they were better suited to tell me that instead of hanging up.

Couldnt even patronize me with "your comments will be taken into consideration. bye."

Just click. disconnected.

So this rep then told me I was probably not interested in signing up anyways.

No, I want headband. It works great for my symptoms, only Tweed and medreleaf have it in stock right now and I was seriously interested in medreleaf, and still am just because of the Headband.

But I am greatly discouraged to sign up for them now.

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Posted 10 March 2015 - 07:24 PM

They have also still not called me back, I am glad you informed me about cure time! I look back and am now wondering why getting my medicine has become so difficult. I am equally upset with dispensaries though too as I just received a 630$ order and it was missing almost 20$ of meds. Note it was not from calm and this occurrence really makes me want to email Sean for my next refill

This is odd that you sat two months in the curing stage because Tilray just told me that their pink kush is normally done in a weekend. They also told me that strain is usually 9-10$ and that they should always have it in stock because the new grow rooms are available
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Posted 19 June 2016 - 02:25 PM

I am a medreleaf patient and other than price and availability I am very happy with their medication and find it very effective. I feel bad it is so much and probably won't be able to afford it for long but i am going through a transition and need the meds so am thankful. I wish we would see pink drop to the price of cheese or even blue bubble (5amd 7.5)

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