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I've Joined Up With Redecan Pharm

Placed my first order

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#1 DaveL



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Posted 09 June 2015 - 02:45 PM

I got pissed off with Marican who pulled a fast one as have the other LP's.  As soon as they produced a popular strain "Headband" at $7.00/gram I bought it.  I then waited for it to return and return it did, but now with a price of $12.00/gram??  Once again an LP has shown its true colours, they are in this for the money only.  I wrote to them telling them what I thought of this practice and they told me they'd let me order for the same price as I originally did for one time only.  I instead joined up with RedeCan Pharm.

My order is for Shaman, White Widow, OG Kush, Disel, Strawberry Cough and Moby Dick, a total of 150 grams, total cost came to $920.00 before taxes or average price of $6.13/gram or $171.73/oz. Taxes added another 119.60 or $0.80/gram in taxes.

They also gave me free delivery and a free vaporizor.  You get free delivery on orders of 60 grams and up and a free vaporizor once you order a total of 150 grams.

I'll let you all know what I think of the medicine.

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#2 DaveL



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Posted 15 June 2015 - 04:37 PM

Well, I've received my order from RedeCan Pharm and I must admit I'm impressed.  I'm not a novice as I've been a member of Peace Naturals (yes that complete disaster and believe it or not it is still as much a mess as ever, I just check they are still out of medicine!!), Tweed, Marican and now RedeCan.

The ordered was well packaged, actually came in two seperate deliveries as it was a lot of medicine (150 grams)  It arrived and so far I've tried the Strawberry Cough and it is excellent, not too dry, great smell and great flavor from my Volcano.  The effects were just perfect for me and day time use.  I tried the White Widow at night and it too did it's thing, pain vanished and sleep was almost immediate.  I tired the Modby dick as well, it was a lot drier almost too dry, but smoked and tasted very nice.  So I'm a happy camper with RedeCan Pharm, they have fair prices and a good variety so as long as greed doesn't set in here I'll be staying with them.  Still have not tried the Shaman and OG Kush.  I'm still going to place one last order with Marican so I can buy some of their 29.2% Headband.  I'll be allowed to purchase 60 grams on Friday, I just have to give it a try as I've never seen anything with this high a THC content.

RedeCan forgot to send me my free Vaporizer with my order, they will be sending it with my next order.  I'm not sure how good it will be, but I'll be sticking with my Volcano at any rate and will give this to someone who needs one.

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Posted 19 June 2016 - 02:27 PM

How's the bubba and og kush? I seek a pink or bubba that is the real deal you know what I mean

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