Medical Marijuana – Confusion on the New Rules

A Federal Court ruling in Canada on March 21st has temporarily changed the legal landscape for “users licensed for personal production as of Sept. 30th, 2013, will be able to keep growing their pot at home pending a future trial”.

There are a lot of people with home gardens left confused and in a panic because they’re afraid to have their crops and equipment taken away and then asked to switch to higher prices from commercial medical marijuana producers instead.

The new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) will allow doctors to become the gatekeepers, and determine which patients are able to gain access to medical marijuana. The old regime required users to apply to Health Canada, and now allow users to seek a medical document from their doctor. Dana Larsen, director of non-profit group Sensible, mentions that this change may be a big concern for those living in more rural communities with only few doctors.

Larsen is worries that “having doctors as the gatekeepers is not something that doctors want. and it’s not something patients want because they can’t find a doctor to sign off on the use of this plant, so there’s still a lot of access issues around there that need to be resolved.”

For a further look at this issue, check out the CBC article:

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