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MIGTHY vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are a great compromise for an individual that is looking for the middle ground between a table top vaporizer and a pen vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are easy to travel with and typically smaller than their table top counterparts. sells vaporizers from all the major companies. The MIGHTY vaporizer is manufactured by Storz […]

There are many different ways to enjoy essential oils and herb. Traditional methods include heating the oils up, rolling joints, pipes, and bongs. Yet, none of those options compare to the style and efficiency of vaporizers. sells portable vaporizers, pen vaporizers, table top vaporizers, and vape accessories. Vaporizers are a modern approach to recreational […]

Liam McKnight suffers from a rare form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. When he was 9-months old, he suffered his first seizure, a moment that was terrifying for his parents who had no idea why their baby son was going through such a traumatic experience. Up until the age of six, Liam suffered up […]

Medical marijuana legalization is a new phenomenon in Canada. Previously, marijuana was illegal and medical marijuana was difficult to obtain. However, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favor of medical marijuana legalization on June 11. The decision created a vacuum for Health Canada who was ill-equipped to deal with the sudden demand for medical […]

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The Supreme Court of Canada legalized medical marijuana on June 11. This was a major victory for the community rallying for the legalization of medical marijuana and it was a notable turning point in a modern social issue, one that affects many Canadians from all walks of life. supports the advancement of medical marijuana […]

Atmos Boss Vaporizer

When it was released, Atmos touted their new Atmos Boss Vaporizer as a true vaporizer experience. Many were skeptical, and rightfully so. The company had a jaded past riddled with false advertising about a true vaporizer experience. However, the company delivered with the Atmos Boss Vaporizer in a big way. When you take a hit […]

Vaporizer lounges are growing in popularity throughout Canada. Toronto has embraced the vaporizer culture in an effort to promote freedom of expression and choice. sells high quality portable vaporizers, pen vaporizers, table top vaporizers and various vape accessories. If you’re in Toronto, you have probably seen a vape lounge. They are legal establishments that […]

Clayton Goodwin is a former soldier who is dedicated to cannabis legalization, especially medical cannabis. He actively pushes for marijuana rights and is a vocal activist. recognizes the efforts of Goodwin and believes that his story deserves to be told. Goodwin was originally a reservist who was injured in the far north in 2004. […]

Marijuana legalization is an issue that affects all Canadians, whether they partake in the use of marijuana or not. Every day, people suffer from debilitating illnesses that can easily be pacified through the use of medical marijuana. supports marijuana legalization and we are committed to spreading awareness about this important topic. 1. Marijuana Prohibition […]